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Stewart School Home of the Stewart Stars!               Shining Brightly for Over 50 Years!

Miss Wright's Counselor's Corner

Welcome to my School Counseling page. As a school counselor, I work with students, parents, teachers/staff to ensure that each student's academic, social/emotional, and career needs are being met. School counselors provide individual, group and classroom counseling. 
I have the privilege of being the K-5th grade counselor for Stewart Elementary (Go Stewart Stars!), and the JrK-2nd grade counselor for Webster Elementary (Go Webster Winners!)
At Stewart Elementary we follow the Second Step Bullying Prevention Curriculum for grades K-5th, the Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum for grades K-2nd, and the LifeSkills Training Curriculum for grades 3rd-5th. This curriculum is delivered during my classroom counseling lessons that each classroom receives every other week. 
Second Step Bullying Prevention Curriculum
The Second Step Bullying Prevention Curriculum defines bullying as someone/group hurting a persons body or feelings.  It is repeated and one-sided (meaning that the person or group being bullied is doing anything hurtful to the person/group doing the bullying).  The person or group being bullied hasn't been able to make the bullying stop (
In this curriculum students learn how to recognize the different types of bullying (e.g., physical, verbal, emotional, cyberbullying), report bullying to an adult at school and an adult at home, and refuse bullying by telling the person/group doing the bullying to stop using a strong, respectful voice
Second Step Bullying Prevention Curriculum is only successful with the support of parents, teachers/staff, and students working together to STOP bullying from happening.